Providing Unique & Dynamic Seminars for Team Building and Corporate Events in Dallasseminars team hands

People are not just mindless drones going through the motions. If you present valuable material in the right perspective and setting, you will get results like you never dreamed. Instead of dry lectures and mind-numbing speakers, how about half a day with two well-known and respected professional comedians who can teach improvisational skills to keep your sales staff from getting stumped while on sales calls?

Or how about a weekend at our cowboy retreat where you will learn Western ways to avoid and resolve conflicts as well as 7 ways to gain cooperation from others? Need leadership training, without having to leave your own company offices? We can bring it to you!

We have several on-site seminars and training regimens, from half-day sessions like our High Precision Teams Program to our, High Impact Leader Program, where your staff will be taught by our professionals at your location, one four-hour session per week for four weeks.

High Precision Teams Seminarhigh precision seminars in dallas tx

A powerful teambuilding course that focuses on developing skill sets that help participants become stronger, more confident, and focused on the good of the entire organization. Skills focused on in this program include public speaking, listening, conflict resolution, gaining enthusiastic cooperation from team members, memory, problem-solving, and the ability to develop more leaders within the organization.



Improv Team Buildingimprov

Programs are conducted by professional comedians and are a custom experiences tailored to your group. Instructors use improvisational techniques to give your group a genuinely unique experience.



Mystery Shoppingmystery shopping services for companies in dallas tx

Mystery shopping can be a very effective tool as a stand alone feature or in conjunction with our customer service sessions.



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