The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt — Team Building Experience

scavenger hunt for corporate team building event in dallas tx

Looking for an activity to boost the morale of your employees or to build stronger work relationships and team work? Perhaps you’re looking for a fun and adventurous ice-breaker? Then…the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt is what you looking for! When planning your next corporate conference, retreat or annual party, it’s a great activity for the opening session.

What is The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt? Think of it as an on-site, 60-minute The Amazing Race. Employees will be divided into groups where they get to devise a creative name for their team and compete against other teams. Each team will be supplied with a bag containing a limited amount of items (i.e. a stapler, camera, pen and questionnaire packet) to complete tasks and log them into their packet. For the tasks, they will have to rely on each other to perform wacky tasks, answer mind-boggling brainteasers and devise creative presentations-all while traveling on foot around the site. In the process of this participation, your employees will learn more about each other, have an opportunity to make decisions together, have a few laughs (or a lot) and have TONS of fun! It will certainly be an event that they will talk about well into the future. At the end of the game, the teams will turn in their packets so that judges can determine the winning team.

May the fastest and most creative team win!!

We supply the materials and game facilitators, or “Negotiators” who are there to help out should the teams get stuck (for a price, of course). We can accommodate any size group and, with the help of our comedy writers, devise an Ultimate Scavenger Hunt for any site. Our Scavenger Hunt has been a hit for many corporate events such as ones for TXU, Taco Bell, Monarch Dental and Southfork Ranch.




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