Party Like A Rock Star – The video Team Builder Experienceparty like a rockstar team building event in fort worth tx

Here’s our latest and GREATEST event for teambuilding!  and yes… we have done this recently.

Good for groups over 70, up to 3 hours to complete the process correctly. Your group gets divided into teams. They will then be instructed to be a rockstar by going through the following steps:

1) Facilitator (one of our staff) to instruct the teams on how the game works and the end result. They need a band manager, a director and so on… go through the song books and pick a karaoke song or we can preselect their songs.

2) Teams will then be instructed (under a timed amount) to go to the rehearsal area to rehearse their song of choice done to karaoke. The director will have to come up with the dance moves. The staff person will also inform them, they must come up with cheoreography to the song.

3) Then, teams go to costume/wardrobe. They get dressed in costumes ranging from wigs and hats to leather and coats etc.

4) Teams go to the graphics arts station where we will have my artists design their band name and band logo.

5) Teams go to our photo station for their (image) picture to be on Rolling Stone (along with the logo that will be inserted).
**each band member will get a copy of this photo at the end of the teambuilding event

6) Then, teams go to our music video station where they will sing and dance to their song they learned. We’ll record one (1) DVD per team. These discs are copiable so they can do it on their own due to time restraints. (We can make a master dvd the next day with all their performances on request.)

7) Last stop!- Teams turn their pictures into me with their band’s video for viewing and judging by a panel of pre-selected judges provided by the client. Everyone will be encouraged to view it, cheer on each other and simply have fun with it.

party like a rock star team building activity dallas txHere’s what you get: 2 photo stations (manned) – photos will be in a 5 X 7 photo format in folders. The graphic suggested is Rolling Stone but we can change that easily upon request prior to the event.

2 rehearsal stations- manned by 2 of my professional DJ’s to help interact and suggest music.

2 music video stations- manned (also provided is a 42 inch plasma for people to view at this station while the video is being made!

1 graphic artist person/station

2 facilitators (1 as the mc and 1 helper)  to direct teams to proper stations as they finish each activity. The rehearsal studio techs will then join us for directors as their booths close before the others.

1 AV set up including: 1 DVD player, audio and video hook ups, 1 7 1/2 X 10 rear projector  and screen combo skirted.



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