Team Building Activities for Corporations

Offering unique & dynamic team building exercises for teams in DFW

We have created activities that will bring together people from different areas or departments to work together, solving challenges designed to play to different types of skill sets.

Using fun, innovative situations, we can help your employees to discover their hidden strengths and talents while learning how to incorporate these to create a strong and cohesive group dynamic.

The Ultimate Scavenger Huntscavenger hunt for corporate team building event in dallas tx

Looking for an activity to boost the morale of your employees or to build stronger work relationships and team work? Perhaps you’re looking for a fun and adventurous ice-breaker? Then…the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt is what you looking for! When planning your next corporate conference, retreat or annual party, it’s a great activity for the opening session.

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Party Like A Rock Starparty like a rockstar team building event at company

Your company gets divided into teams of 6 or 7. They will then be instructed to be a rockstar by dressing up and making their own music video. A lot of activities take place along the way and your team members will get their own DVD to remember the experience by.

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Deal or No Dealdeal or no deal team building game in dallas tx

Just like the show on TV-minus the million dollar payouts, the 27 gorgeous models and being seen on national TV! It doesn’t matter because your group will have a great time! They will have to make challenging decisions and perform exciting group tasks in order to win fabulous prizes.

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Bonkerbonker game team building

The BONK Show takes your team and puts them into a television studio as the audience for a live game show experience. The excitement builds, the music begins, the lights brighten, and your announcer introduces your host for the evening. Welcome to BONK!

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Spy Gamespy games team building

You or someone from your office becomes the star of video clues delivered throughout the game on our high-end devices. In advance of your Spy Game, we will provide you a video camera and a simple yet exciting script – no major acting skills required! We?ll only need 5 to 10 minutes of video footage to make you or your CEO into (for example) an omnipotent Bosley character issuing clues to each phone and guiding teams along their journey.

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