Steve Bedwell, MDDr Steve Bedwell, MD - keynote speaker for events and conferences in DFW

Are you looking for a keynote speaker? It’s a big responsibility; isn’t it? If your speaker is poorly received, the ‘thud’ will
echo for the duration of your meeting. Attendees will begin to question the quality of your entire conference and even their decision to attend. And, as many decision-makers have found to their cost, people forced to endure a poor keynote speaker can be extremely unforgiving in their feedback!

Great News! You’ve just found a dazzling keynote speaker: Steve Bedwell, MD is a high-impact, low-maintenance speaker with unique, relevant content; who’s funny. Speaking nationally, he energizes audiences from Orlando to Las Vegas.Dr Steve Bedwell with magnifying glass

Steve Bedwell, MD teaches business audiences how to flex their Perspective Power™. Whatever your industry’s hot
issues, Steve’s original, science-based strategies will enable your people to step back, look at their challenges from a completely different viewpoint and take effective action.

Far more than a motivational speaker, Steve Bedwell, MD is a medical doctor with expertise in the neuroscience of perception. But don’t be fooled by the MD — he’s hilarious! Steve averages a laugh every fifteen seconds; we’ve counted! Whether burning a borrowed $100 bill while discussing anxiety or demonstrating body language using attendees as teaching aids, Steve’s keynote speech is riveting, provocative and explosively funny!

A keynote speech full of powerful demonstrations…

While other keynote speakers get overexcited about boring PowerPoint slides, Steve uses powerful visual demonstrations to illustrate his concepts; even swallowing a four foot balloon to clarify a point!

And, in order to prove a fresh perspective can make even the most ‘impossible‘ challenge much easier, he memorizes the order of every card in a shuffled deck in under a minute. This is Steve’s most requested demonstration and never fails to get people on their feet.

When Steve Bedwell, MD is your keynote speaker, you’ll learn…

The three steps to flexing your Perspective Power™.

1. How to sharpen your thinking so you can solve problems, spot opportunities, make better decisions and be more creative.

2. How to dilute toxic emotions and prevent them crippling your success.

3. How to take effective action in accordance with your highest priorities and consistently achieve your goals.


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