Photo Booth Rentals for Weddings

The Best Sit Down Photo Booth Rentals for Weddings in Dallas TX!photo booth rentals for wedding in dallas tx

Photo Booths – The Hottest New Trend In Weddings
Introducing the latest, hottest new trend in weddings: photo booth rentals! If you have ever attended a wedding with a photo booth rental, you already know how much fun they really are. Photo booths and weddings are a perfect match. They are exploding in popularity throughout the country because they are SO MUCH FUN! The resulting pictures they produce are always fun and sometimes, outright hilarious. You will never guess what your guests of all ages will be doing in the photo booth.

No Peeking Behind The Little Red Curtain
When that curtain gets pulled shut, almost anything can happen, and it usually does! The fact that there is no photographer in the photo booth will not inhibit your guests creativity and make for the some of the best photos of the evening. People have so much fun taking pictures inside a photo booth, from the standard portraits to the more creative expressions, to just plain silly.

Prints Photos Almost Immediately
A quick 20 seconds after your guests exit the booth, they will have an excellent quality photo of what just happened and quickly begin sharing the enjoyment with others. Games of one up-manship are sure to ensue. A sit down photo booth rental from Wow VIP Events will keep your guests of all ages entertained throughout the night! The resulting instant photographs will also make the perfect parting gifts, giving your guests an instant memento to remember your special day for years to come. It will have them raving about the experience for months after your wedding. That’s the Wow VIP Events promise!

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