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paul endress

Paul Endress is a nationally recognized expert in the application of psychology to business in the areas of communication, hiring and retention. His expertise in these subjects is the result of a quarter-century of entrepreneurial experience, a decade of research, and a number of certifications in related areas of psychology and linguistics.

During his business career, Paul has started nine companies, including a successful golf-related project with Arnold Palmer and the creation of a top-ten-selling software program which was covered in the Wall Street Journal and other business publications. He has been quoted and published by such A-list media as The New York Times, USA TODAY, Entrepreneur and Forbes. Paul is president and CEO of Maximum Advantage International.

By combining this training with research and real life business experience, Paul has developed a unique approach to solving the challenges of conducting business in the twenty-first century.


The result has been the creation of Maximum Advantage International, a company with the mission of applying the disciplines of psychology and linguistics to the problems of business. This approach yields unique solutions that are easy to implement, and create lasting results for people and organizations. Maximum Advantage works because it’s clear and fresh. It is not a rehash of the same techniques that have been used for decades. It will provide you with a firm foundation for enhanced communication, hiring, management, and retention strategies. It will give you the results you demand because we teach the “why” as well as the “how.”

Paul’s presentations are unique in that they explain how the human mind works and why people do the things they do. By the end of the program you will know how to seamlessly blend these skills into your daily routine both in the office and at home.

Presentation Examples
Your specific interests and goals can be embedded into Paul’s presentations to create your own unique, targeted event. Examples include:

  • I Think I Know What I Think You Said: Power MAXIMUM Communication Tools for Business and for Life.
  • Everything I Know I Learned from Commercials: The Basics of Communication and Persuasion in Black and White
  • Invisible Persuasion: The Art and Science of Persuading Others to Your Way of Thinking
  • Instant Rapport: The Art and Science of Why People Like Each Other (and how to use it to your benefit!)
  • Who Am I? And Who Are You?
  • How to Easily Determine, Motivate and Manage Every Personality Who are These People Anyway?
  • An Effective Guide to Hiring and Retaining Superstars.
  • Stopping the Revolving Door: Effective Strategies for Keeping Your Valuable Employees Motivated and Happy 360 Degree Management: The Comprehensive Full-circle Solution to Developing Outstanding Managers Invisible Interviewing: Proven Strategies for Seeing through Your Applicant’s Smoke and Mirrors.


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