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Money Wheel Game Rentals in Dallas, TX

money wheel casino game rental in dallas

Known variously as Money Wheel, Big 6 Wheel and Wheel of Fortune, this familiar game is based on a popular carnival attraction that has its roots in the days of chariot warfare. Because of its popularity and easy-to-play premise, Money Wheel is probably the first game you’ll see when walking into most casinos.

It usually has a crowd pressing in from all sides, gasping and cheering as the wheel comes to a full stop. Part of the thrill is watching with anticipation as the wheel slows down and each outcome passes by more slowly than the last. Will it stop on this one or keep on to the next?

We cannot use real money on any of the Money Wheels at your casino night party. We furnish two-sided tickets for drawings on prizes, as well as provide fake money to start the party.

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