Improv Team Building

Wow VIP Events offers half-day and 1-day custom team building programs led by professional comedians and instructors. All instructors for these programs come from the world-famous Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles. When you hire this team to come out to your location or convention, there’s a good chance you’ll catch a rising star, someone who may show up soon on “Saturday Night Live”… In fact, the theater has become a virtual breeding ground for SNL and “Mad TV” performers.

The training was excellent! It was easy to see that our team really came out of their shell and got involved in the Comedy Improv. I’d not only like you to come do more training for us, but I’ve already referred you to other companies as well. Over the past few weeks I’ve really noticed that the lessons learned from the training are still being used in the workplace.
Mike Cassio, E2M

Programs are conducted by professional comedians and are a custom experiences tailored to your group. Instructors use improvisational techniques to give your group a genuinely unique experience. Depending on your needs, the training can focus on any or all of the following:


Brainstorming. Participants learn:

A common set of rules, which will unleash the creative power of the entire group

To push through their inhibitions when participating in brainstorming sessions

To focus on the overall group objective as opposed to individual agendas

How to implement the “yes-and” principle to solve problems and fully explore an idea


Teamwork. Participants learn:

Build a sense of trust within the group

Assess their role in the group and understand how that contributes to the overall group objective

Break down barriers and be able to rely on their team


Communication and Listening. Participants learn:

Engage in active listening skills

Break bad habits impeding successful communication


Thinking Better on your Feet. Participants learn:

Quickly assess the needs of your coworkers or clients in order to improve responsiveness

Feel comfortable responding to unexpected situations

Answer questions with authority


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