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Green screen photography is also known as chroma key compositing, color keying, blue screen and color-separation overlay. It is the trick used in photography to move one’s image into any background possible. Initially your picture is taken with you standing against a complete green background or sometimes even a blue background. Then the green or blue background is edited out by the photographer and replaced with the background you want. But to do this you need to follow the steps of green screen photography to get the result you want.

We can put you “in the news” by placing you into a wide variety of magazine covers. From “Man of the Year” to “Playmate of the Month”, your customers are sure to smile once you make them “famous”. And of course you can create your own magazine covers.We have incorporated Photo Greeting Frames into the Software. From “Rock On” to “Wanted”, these brilliant full color designs are proven winners in the private party and corporate event markets.

Simply put, this is the best “Green Screen Photography” Option on the market today. Check out our Green Screen Event Photos on Smug Mug.

We are available for weddings, grad nights, receptions, corporate events, holiday parties, promotions, marketing, and festivals, carnivals, and all types of special events.

Digital green screen photography allows us to create Special Event photographs that can add excitement and interest to your event or party. Photos are printed onsite within seconds. It’s great at Weddings, Meet-n-Greets, Birthday Parties, Grand Openings, Convention or Corporate Event.

What We Do?

We raised the bar and set the standard for Green Screen “Instant” Photography. We have multiple customized backgrounds designed for your event theme are randomly rotated during your event making the guest’s experience even more unique each time they step in front of the green screen.

We don’t just shoot Green Screen!
•  Roaming Photographers
•  Red Carpet
•  Awards & Corporate Events
•  Tradeshows
•  Mettings & Candids
•  Team Building
•  Green Screen Photography
•  Social Media Portal

We also offer on location instant photos.  Call for pricing of our services at 972/300.4100 or fill out our Request a Quote Form today!

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