Nok Hockey

Nok Hockey

Nok Hockey

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Nok Hockey┬áis a two player action board game. It is played in a “rink”, constructed by enclosing a 2’x3′ section of smooth hardboard wall panel (playing surface) within a perimeter of 1″x2″x”L” wooden siderails (the walls).

Each narrow end is fitted with a 4″ wide cut out “slot” flush with the playing surface, which allows the puck to pass through. Each inside corner is fitted with a wooden “wall” which allows the puck to carom off the corners.

A 2″x2″x1″ square wooden block (the “goalie”) is mounted approximately 3″ in front of each end slot in diamond pattern. A line is normally drawn on the playing surface midway between the goals (“center ice”) to denote each players half of the rink. The “puck” is a 2″ diameter circlular piece of wood. An optional pair of wooden paddles in the shape of hockey sticks may be used depending on player rules.

The “rink” is normally unfooted and played on a flat surface, such as a table or floor. NOTE: The dimensions and materials used may vary.

Product Info:
Quantity: 1 in Stock
Size: Height: 3ft. Width: 4ft. Depth: 4ft.
Power Required: Human
Space Area Needed: 5×5 and a table 6×6
Branded: No
Weight: 10 lbs.





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