Boogie Heads

Boogie Heads™

Make your next big event last a lifetime by presenting your guests with Boogie Heads™. Boogie Heads™ is not just lip-synching or just karaoke. Boogie Heads™ superimposses your guest’s heads on the bodies of professional dancers as they sing some of your favorite hits. You’ll have created a DVD that lets your crazy video last forever!

How does this Boogie Heads™ video magic happen? In a few easy steps…

You and your guests pick a Boogie Heads™ video and dress for the green screen,

Our operator gets the equipment prepped and ready to make some video magic,

The music is cued, the words start to appear on the screen, and the performers begin to sing,

The performers follow the music and the rest is up to our team

At the end of the song, a DVD of your newest hit Boogie Heads™ video is ready to take home

Dance Heads™ is available for personal and corporate events, trade shows, schools festivals & other events .

So make your next party a hit with a Boogie Heads™ video that your guests can take home with them!

Click on the images to the right to preview some Boogie Heads™ video in action.

Plus; with two 15″ video monitors on stands included for guests watching so that they can view the performance. Optional: Larger plasmas on trusses and projection screens.