Teen Striker

Teen Striker

Teen Striker

Teen Striker

Teen Striker – 10 Feet tall

Rental Rate: $280 TEEN STRIKER¬†high striker features vivid and exciting graphics and can go indoors since it’s only 10 feet tall. The unit itself can be played by young people and adults, and the settings can be adjusted for all levels of difficulty. The Teen Striker is smaller and more compact than our traditional Easy Striker, but more advanced than our Kiddie Strikers. Teens and adults alike will love this version of the old-fashioned “ring-the-bell” carnival midway game. It has long been a huge hit at company picnics, block parties, and fireman’s fairs. It’s mobility and ease of set up makes it the simplest high striker on the market. Its adjustable settings make it a real challenge for men, women, and kids alike.

Product Info:

Quantity: 1 in Stock Size:
Height: 10ft. Width: 3ft. Depth: 4ft.
Power Required: Human
Space Area Needed: 5×5
Branded: No
Weight: 30 lbs




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