Mocker Rocker Music Videos

Mocker Rocker Music Videos

Mocker Rocker Music Videos

Make your personalized music video at your next party or event in Dallas, TX

Our Personalized Music Video is all about silly, over the top fun. We call it Mocker Rocker. You dress up in costumes we provide. You grab our inflatable instruments. You and your group of guests stand in front of our green screen. Then we play your choice of karaoke songs and everybody either sings along with karaoke or lip syncs and dances. We film it and put a background in that makes it look like you are on stage rocking out.

All participants in the Mocker Rocker video get a DVD copy of video for a great memory. These videos are a great way to really get a party rocking and loosen everyone up. These are always a hit at Mitvahs and birthday parties for kids of any age.

Optionally, you can also record a karaoke CD! Just like Mocker Rocker except you sing aloud with mics. You and your guests can dress in our costumes and dance and sing in front of the green screen to your chosen song. We will add some rocking backgrounds to the video.

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Mocker Rocker Music Videos



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