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We specialize in providing graffiti wall rentals perfectly suited to any type of event.

  1. Corporate Events and Holiday Parties
  2. Experiential Marketing at Trade Shows and Events with Corporate Sponsorship
  3. Private Events (including Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Birthdays, New Year’s Parties)
  4. Concert or Promotional Tours that Travel Across the Country or Even Around the World!

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Graffiti Wall Rentals in Dallas TX

Graffiti Wall Rentals in Dallas TX

Also known as Digital Graffiti Wall, this product combines cutting edge technologies to bring an exciting new, fun, and interactive event technology to the event and entertainment market that combines photography, and creativity. Using digital spray paint you can add freestyle graffiti or use stencils and leave with a 4X6 lab quality photo. Call us now so we may come up with ideas for your next event. We  Bring Graffiti to your next event! Air Graffiti is a new interactive attraction for creating digital graffiti at events on a projection  screen and  infra red spray cans. Guests get a print out of their masterpiece. We can even put their photo on the screen to edit. You will get, above the curve and cutting edge technology, our Digital Graffiti Wall works as a digital canvas where you can paint using “infra” light (invisible light), which is detected from a camera placed behind the screen.It’s like real graffiti, without the mess.

The Wall is a perfect interactive tool that can be utilized for any type of event, from weddings to corporate events, from showcases to parties of any kind. The technology allows guests to play with a customized spray paint can with “inserts” that can include your brand or name and date of your event, and any graphics to fit your theme. The wall features a large palette of colors to choose from, as well as different brush sizes, and other customizable features that allow for shading and highlighting to give your artwork the ultimate depth! You don’t need Wild Style skills to paint with our Interactive Digital Graffiti Wall. Anyone can grab a digital spray can and give it a go. It’s ideal for corporate and opening events, music festivals, trade shows and brand promos.

The Digital Graffiti Wall is a unique, unifying activity that not only brings people together but also generates a great atmosphere. Express your creativity in a group setting or use the wall as a riveting, single artist performance show piece, the Digital Graffiti Wall always grabs attention. For brands, the Digital Graffiti Wall is a great way to connect with their target market experientially. It’s hi-tech, high impact and engaging, something that will be remembered, talked, blogged and tweeted about for months. Live screen capture and printing and email a friend are possible direct from the screen too. Our Digital Graffiti Wall comes in all sizes. For rentals, we provide our DGW application and a computer server, infra red camera, digital spray cans, stencils and any custom components ordered.

Our team works closely with your event crew to specify and acquire the best size screen for the space and a projector from a local audio visual supplier. Or if you prefer, we can provide a one-stop, out-of-the box solution. Either way, a our technician delivers the Digital Graffiti Wall, handles set-up and take-down, and can train your staff for long-term rentals. The Dallas Digital Graffiti Wall has provided a focal point at numerous brand, sporting and music events held across the globe. Features: Simple to use interface Spray can experience Typical H7′ x W12′ size (almost all screen sizes possible) Easily customized / branded Email graffiti art feature IR technology.

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