Duck Pond

Duck Pond

Duck Pond

Duck Pond

Duck Pond

Rental Rate: $140

Who can forget as a child plucking a plastic duck from the water and eagerly checking the number on the bottom to see what you’ve won? This classic game into the new century, with it’s sturdy, light-weight, completely portable Duck Pond (sometimes called pluck-a-duck). The Dunk Pond uses plastic or rubber ducks floating in the water. The child picks a duck and turns it over to reveal the winning number on its bottom. It’s submersible electric water pump keeps those ducks moving and the fun flowing.

Product Info:
Quantity: 2 in Stock
Size: Height: 2ft. Width: 5ft. Depth: 5ft.
Power Required: Human
Space Area Needed: 5×5
Branded: No
Weight: 40 lbs.





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